Agile Digital Marketing

Small business solution to their #1 problem, getting customers.

Here is what I’m going to show you

What businesses really care about?

Kelly Andrew of Filament Communications discusses her experience at a SPARK Accelerator Program session where she had an AH HAA moment.

#1 Struggle Of Small Business

All businesses struggle with getting customers. They hire B2B companies for that one thing. 

Agile Digital Marketing

Discover how agile digital marketing will boost your business web presence and opportunities for sales. 

What businesses care about?

The Ah-Ha Moment!!!

"Businesses want to know how will you help my business reach it's goals."

- Kelly Andrew - Filament Communications

What can you do for my business?

HOW DO YOU HELP ME GET CUSTOMERS? - a service must help a business get customers.  Try it now!

HOW GOOD IS YOUR CUSTOMER SERVICE? - customer service is a huge factor in the buying decision. When a business is facing a dilemma with your services they need assurance it will be handled in a timely mannerTry it now!

HOW COST EFFECTIVE IS YOUR SERVICE? - the service you provide save me time and money. More importantly, your service must improve the business bottom line results. Try it now!

#1 Problem Of Small Business


Customer Awareness

Customer awareness is the most important video for a business.


Customer Engagement

Your customer engagement video focuses on "BUYERS INTENT".


Customer Sales

Your customer sales video is the closing of the sale. 

A massive 90 percent of consumers reported that video helps them to make buying decisions, while 64 percent say that seeing a video makes them more likely to buy.

The world of content is no longer an tools race, it’s a battle for attention, engagement and brand equity.

Agile Digital Marketing

Agile digital marketing is the affordable way for small businesses to reach customers.

Agile Digital Marketing - simple, easy and flexible digital marketing services that can respond to the needs of a business. Try it now!

You can outsource short to long term projects that are time consuming or your business needs a high level of quality.

You can leverage exclusive services of video creation, social media management and effective distribution.

You can maximize your business exposure increasing customer awareness and engagement. 

Agile Digital Marketing Benefits

Unique branding of the business across ALL digital marketing channels

Customer Awareness

Digital marketing videos make people aware of a brand, its products, and services by delivering exclusive digital marketing videos.

Customers need to view 7-9 times before they will consider your business.

Customer Engagement

Drive new and existing customers to your website or brick-n-mortar location.

Quickly Reach Customers

Roar Above The Noise - because if you don't, there are literally hundreds of other businesses waiting to snag that sale.

Leverage Video Marketing 

You can have 100% of the benefits of exclusive digital marketing videos for 20-30% of the cost.

You can have digital marketing videos in hours or days, not weeks.

Your lifetime value of digital marketing video will pay HUGE dividends.

Target New Customers

Tailoring video content to your target audience can boost your retention rate by 35 percent.

Simple and affordable digital marketing leveraging the power of consolidated services.

Professional Expertise

You can have access to a network of experienced professionals.

You will have access to specialists who keep their hand on the pulse of digital marketing.

Your service provider maintains a presence on multiple social media channels giving you the advantage over your competitors.

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