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Mobile marketing is simple: Publish video content, continue to create products and services that consumers want.


What is Outstream?

Digital Video Advertising that's driving amazing results. 


The New Wave Of Video Advertising

The New Wave Of Video Advertising On YouTube


Marketing Funnel Awareness

The Marketing Funnel Never Existed. Secrets of the Digital Marketing Video Funnel Explained.

Marketing Funnel Awareness

The Marketing Funnel Never Existed

New Marketing Funnel

Marketing Funnel Customer Journey

Secrets of the Digital Marketing Video  Funnel Explained

We have all seen this infographic
showing the marketing funnel. Internet statistics are showing the real picture of marketing. 

Man has this incessant need to organize and did the same with marketing. We organize everything time, homes, lives, work, EVERYTHING.

Honestly, I am guilty of falling into this trap but I have learned to see things in a 3 dimensional way. I looked at all the data and came to my own conclusions.

We used the analytical capabilities of social media posting apps and GOOGLE Analytics and saw customers come intent to purchase from multiple points.

Here is a good one, in 2016 we were told 30 seconds for social media.   I instinctively knew there was something wrong with that thinking. I started producing social media video over a minute long.

Hey, I took some heat for that from the social media video community. Now, look what the 2018 statistics show: 

Best Social Media Ads  

Mastering The Best Video shows that up to 2 minutes is BEST. You can go up to 6 minutes but there will be a decline in watch time.

We use longer videos in websites during the customer journey through the Best Website Story

The use of video is creating longer watch times and a better customer journey. Here we created an e-Commerce website using video to tell the story.

Most Important Digital Video Advertising for Business 

Creative digital marketing videos used on YouTube, social media and web design are the NEW brand video strategy.

The New Wave of Video Marketing

YouTube Multi-Media

YouTube is the market leader and continues to grow. They have hired leading creative talent and launched the Creators Studio. We launched our own YouTube Channel in 2016 to be prepared to serve our clients.

Instagram Growing 

Instagram shows no slow down in growth and many brands have started there own brand marketing. Facebook is banking on it's continued success. 

“The world needs dreamers and the world needs doers. But
above all, the world needs dreamers who do.”

"Sarah Ban Breathnach"

What is Outstream Digital Video Advertising ?

Outstream digital video advertising are digital video advertising that plays inside and outside the YouTube ad network.

Outstream digital video advertising plays a short digital commercial on any digital media site.

You may have seen short video ads while watching a YouTube video or during a Facebook ad.

Why is outstream the paradigm shift?

AdWords outstream video ads expand your ad reach across the web while giving users the ability to choose how they interact with the ad. 

Increase brand awareness that helps get more eyes on these ads, and more users considering your brand.

Outstream ads are mobile-specific video ads that reach potential customers on partner sites

Impact: Ads on video partners can help customers become more aware of your products and more interested in your brand.

Reach: Video partners can help you engage new users outside of YouTube, so you can increase the reach of your video ads. You can use the same targeting options across YouTube and video partners and measure your performance by using segments.

Outstream Digital Marketing Video Example

Digital video advertising  is creating amazing opportunities for smart people with the guile and courage to accept the challenge.

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