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The Day Video Stood Still

Social media marketing's use of infographics brought video to a stand still but guess what?

Social Media Video Genre

Social Media  Video Genre

The video being produced for social media is proving to be a NEW genre in video. The advances in video since the stand still contribute to what is possible. A way of presenting entertainment is evolving.


Here is a social media video that tells the story about how business is trying desperately for a low cost way to use social media video. They are going out on a limb by holding back.


A new way of thinking will come out of this resurgence of video in social media. 

  1. Millennials want to be entertained by the SOCIAL MEDIA VIDEO.
  2. Designers will increasing use video in web design. This article is an example of using entertaining social media in the design.
  3. Creativity is the highly regarded skill in this economy. Can you go to school for creativity? CREATIVITY-101, no you can't, either you are born with it or you aren't.


Here is that shameless promotion for SERIO Design FX you knew it was coming RIGHT? SERIO Design FX is a creative and innovative company. We invite you to look at our YouTube Branding Channel and compare us to what is out there. Take a look, your business will be glad you did. 

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