Digital Marketing Consultant 

Your exclusive brand strategy is the heartbeat of your digital marketing.

Powerful Psychology  
Digital Marketing Drives Brands.

Do you want to grow your online presence?

Hello, I'm Charles K. Davis and I would love to make your brand come alive on the internet. Do you want your digital marketing to get results? 

How Can I Help You?

Build you an awesome digital marketing foundation that will bring your brand to life.

Branding Alignment

I review your branding assets and messages to analyze your marketing challenges. If you are not getting results then your branding could be suspect. 

Psychology Driven Marketing

I develop psycological brand messages that elicits feelings and supports the inner dialogue of human psychology.

Web Design

We run insider tests to determine any ways to improve your website. We can redesign your website for SEO page speed and conversions. 

Social Media Marketing Consultation

I analyze your current social media channel distribution by running it through our software. I prepare an optimization strategy that we will execute together. 

I create an end-to-end social media strategy for clients needing quality online awareness and engagement marketing. 

Social Media Marketing Management

I develop your social media channels to produce awareness and engagement. I don't guess I test. 

I can do this for you.

How I Did It


We review your colors, typography, logo and brand assets. Some businesses need a brand tune-up.

Customer Demographics

I review your customer demographics to develop a psychology driven brand strategy to reach your customers. 

Web Design

World-class performance websites that incorporate landing page video content. Our web designs are specially developed with AMP technology. Our websites are tested for the fastest page speed possible. 

Internet Marketing Consultation

We run tests through your social media channels to determine the sweet spot for your sales content.

We optimize your social media channels for the best awareness and engagement possible.

Social Media Management

We perform extensive research to determine the best time to post on social media.  We execute an exclusive social media strategy focusing on growing your channels. We back that up with hyper-targeted posts. 

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