Your Guide Through The Maze

May The FX Be With You

Although we were founded in 2005, our beginning goes back much further. I helped implement the internet for major corporations starting in 1990. The internet crashed and I found myself having to market myself as a UNIX Consultant. 

In 2005, I found myself developing websites for local business owners who needed someone to help them get there dreams off the ground.
I was right where you might be using Do-It-Yourself tools only to find they just didn't get the job done.

I've work for several corporations providing UNIX support services. I was the one person that could solve the problem.

A major futures trading company was experiencing system failure every month for 2 years. IBM had an open trouble ticket that was never solved. They brought me onboard and in 2 months I solved the problem.

I Think Therefore I Am...


My creativity comes from a desire to be an artist. When I was 13, I studied commercial art.

I translated that, during my IT career, into being a studio photographer. Former PPA member and commercial photographer.  I lost my portfolio during a flood but I was able to save that picture.

 Charles K. Davis

Founder/Creative Director of SERIO Design FX.

Creative video producer, designer, developer and a problem solver using technology.

Entreprenuer business owner who loves video creation, web design and marketing.

Research enthusiast who loves the data that shows what really works.

It's about the JOURNEY...

We are defined by our principles.

Our principles define our TRUE NATURE as a person and my brand.

Success Driven

Defined By Our Principles


We will answer all questions with a truthful answer within the scope of our experience.






Positive Action

We believe that when you do the right thing for the right reason great things are the result.

We believe that the internet has the power to connect people, communities and business.

We donate our time and services to the recovery community.

It is an honor and a privilege to be of SERVICE.