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Most of my career,  I solved problems for corporations. Now, I want to solve your problems. 

I saw that people, communites and business needed a trusted source to guide them through the maze of technology.

SERIO Design FX was born out of my passions for creativity and technology.  My accumulated experience with engineered design, technology and photography.  That is my personal logo of my initials and video background  of  fusion.

Charles K Davis.



I want to be YOUR  solution.

 I was a consultant for major corporations.  I worked with an options trading company. They had a problem they lived with for 2 years. IBM couldn't solve it.
It took me 2 months, problem solved...

In 2005, I was exactly where you are. Those DIY solutions looked good.  They looked easy and the truth is,  THEY AREN'T

I've spent years developing my skills.

  • Marketing Psycology
  • Client/Customer Personas
  • Branding
  • Web Design and Photography
  • and the list goes on...
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