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You want the shortest distance from problem to solution.

You want independent research to confirm or correct your direction...

You want divergent marketing to position your business for what's coming... 

You want to go from business to brand...

You are hiring me for what I do. You are paying me for what I know.

Frequently Asked Questions

You have a right to as much information about as possible. The primary factor in who you hire should be whether or not they can solve your problem.

Once you’ve identified that source, the money should be secondary (your time should be more important than your money, anyway.) You get what you pay for. It would actually cost quite a bit more not to hire that person than to hire them.

I’ve collected these frequently asked questions so that you can make the right decision. If you and I work hard at making sure it’s a great fit, we’ll both be happier: 

  • How would you describe the ideal SERIO Design FX client? - Runs a small (1-120 person), privately held firm with a business.   Contact us now! 
  • Works directly with me as the decision maker and not through another staff member. Contact us now! 
  • Is facing a hurdle or transition that is significant to them. I see this as a situation where they had tried others and failed. They need someone they can count on for the best solution.  Contact us now! 
  • Is hiring me primarily because of my expertise (30+ years and innovative problem solver) and not my bedside manner. Contact us now! 
  • Is willing to let me do what I do: Decide which symptoms are relevant, diagnose the problem accurately. Create and execute a plan of action directly focused on the end goal.  Contact us now! 
  • What size are the firms that you work with?  I work with the principle owners of small to medium businesses with a gross revenue of $100k to $1 million.  I am here to increase traffic and leads. Boost your online presence to attract your customers.  Contact us now!
  • What would you consider your “unique ability”?  What my clients like about me is my ability to make sense out of complexity. Its like building a skyscraper. I can look at the pieces are know exactly what goes where. My superpower is I can reverse engineer success. I look at the end goal and where you currently are at then develop and execute the strategy to achieve your goal.  Contact us now!

Success Driven

Defined By Our Principles


We will answer all questions with a truthful answer within the scope of our experience.






Positive Action

We believe that when you do the right thing for the right reason great things are the result.

We believe that the internet has the power to connect people, communities and business.

We donate our time and services to the recovery community.

It is an honor and a privilege to be of SERVICE.

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