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Metro Security Services Logo

Metro Security Services of Wisconsin needed an entirely new website because the current web company didn't complete the site, they  wanted more money for anything. We contracted SERIO Design FX for a complete design. They created the web design, Facebook video and social media.  The online prescence was a bonus because no one offered that for FREE....

Melissa Washington



Converting Video Landing Page


ONYX Catering Company Memphis

"SERIO Design FX - designed a GREAT site for us. They produced social media video for Facebook and built us a YouTube channel. They provide regular video and help us publish consistently on social media."

Chef Daphne


 Web Design-Social Media Video

YouTube Channel

We distribute your social media video on YouTube. A YouTube video shows in the index within an hour.

Mobile Web Design 

Customer converting video websites. 80% of all internet viewing is on a smartphone. 

 $45 per hour

SERIO Design FX Portfolio

 Proactive SEO

We analyze, monitor and improve your website and track social media for effectiveness.

Social Media Management

Distibution of social media based on a lead generating strategy.

Social Media Video


Emily Davis

"SERIO Design FX provides excellent  social media services and is very responsive to the client. I had them create a Facebook social media post for a travel cruise.  I had an immediate inquiry about the cruise the very day it was posted."  CLICK ON IMAGE TO VIEW THE PAGE

Emily Davis
OWNER - My Travel Connection Pittsburgh, PA.
All Star Kutz Barber Shop Milwaukee

All Star Kutz in Milwaukee Facebook page needed a facelift. SERIO Design FX created an original Facebook cover video. They provide monthly Facebook video posts and since starting I recieve more calls and people are noticing my business. " CLICK ON IMAGE TO GO TO Facebook Page

Andre Wilson 
OWNER -All Star Kutz Milwaukee

Video Media

$ 495 Start At
  • Custom made design for your purpose. Approx. 20-30 seconds.
  • 25mB Max. Filesize

Social Media

$ 995 Start At
  • Animated logo, social media post suitable for posting and Facebook Cover Video
  • 20-90 Seconds 
  • Unlimited Use

Social Package

$ 1195 Start At
  • BEST VALUE - Social media post, Facebook video plus website animated header. GREAT FOR UPDATING existing website.
  • Unlimited Usage
  • 20-90 Seconds 
  • Unlimited Use


$ 45 per hour
  • Web design, Social media, Branding, Consulting, Content Publishing
  • FREE Consult
  • Call for Appointment
  • Based On Availability

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