"How To Get More Customers With Your Video Marketing"

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

We answer the top questions about video content marketing for social media. 

What is video content marketing?

Video content marketing is the use of a series of videos to drive awareness, engagement and sales.

What is the best video content marketing for business?

Have you ever heard the expression ‘People may forget what you said, but they’ll never forget how you made them feel"? This is the key to video content marketing. There are two types of video content emotional and informational. The explosion of video content has driven demand for high quality and personalization.

What is the best video content marketing strategy?

The best video content marketing strategy is a video drip sequence. You create 7 high energy video ads for brand awareness and engagement that catapult your business into the minds of customers and keep it there. Customers want to know that your business has skin in the game. Customers look for high quality and consistency video content in your marketing.

How to grow business with video content marketing?

The best social media strategies have personalized video content at the center of their plan.

You can leverage video content marketing to grow your online presence and your brand signal.

You can use video content to bring life to your online presence at every customer touchpoint.

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Best Social Media Marketing With Videos

Social media marketing makes it important that you create video for all of your marketing channels.

Your social media marketing videos must have an exclusive look and feel that consumers expect to see from a business. Video marketing that has an expensive look and creative will get the customers attention.

The success of your video marketing rests solely with the consumer. Your video needs to grab and hold the attention of the viewer.

You can have videos with all the glamour and gloss of a high-class advertising agency, with real actors, real models, and professionally shot video that you would normally need a Madison Avenue budget to produce.

Consumers give you their time and attention so give them video content that entertains them.

You will be richly rewarded by giving the consumer exciting video experinces that rival Hollywood movies. 

Leveraging The Power Of Video Ads

Bad advertising can unsell a product.  Nobody has ever built a brand by imitating somebody else's advertising.

You can create digital experiences that excite consumers and drives business awareness.

DRIP Marketing Using Video Marketing

DRIP Marketing by Chris Fill has been used in email marketing. The introduction of social media and video marketing has given us a new avenue to use this strategy.

DRIP is a way of modeling advertising messages and is used when setting broad communication goals.

The elements of the DRIP model are Differentiate, Reinforce, Inform and Persuade.

  • D- DIFFERENTIATE - here is where you point out why your product or service is better than your competitors. This is where a video can make all the difference in getting the interest of potential customers. Learn More  
  • R - REINFORCE - the reinforcement phase of the sales process is where you can direct the customer. You can drip the customer 2 types of video marketing content. Learn More
  • I- INFORM - using the information gained from monitoring the engagement of reinforcement social media marketing video you can inform your customer with video marketing. Learn More
  • P - PERSUADE - this last stage of the marketing process is about connecting with your customer on an emotional level. This is where social media marketing video can produce resultslike nothing else can. Learn More

Social Media Marketing Video
Advertising Research

The research addicted right here right now generation have a high expectation level of social media marketing videos.

End-To-End Mobile Video Drip

The smartphone coupled with video has created a research driven customer. From the toothbrush to big ticket purchases consumers look for information to make their buying purchase.

Mobile searches for "BEST" has grown over 80% in the past two years.
From low-end to high-end products the bar has been raised.

You can adapt the drip marketing examples for modern day social media marketing.
The power of mobile video drip sequence coupled with messenger apps or website bots will be the ultimate game changer. 

Google Data, U.S., Jan. - June 2015 vs. Jan. - June 2017. Top 500 "best" search terms

Local and Global Impact

Local and global business have to face the power of information that the consumer has at their finger tips. 

Business must have a complete web presence because consumers research a product or service BEFORE they purchase.

Impact Of Consumer Behavior On Social Media And Brand Engagement

The ability to answer a customers question with video is a GREAT opportunity for local business.

When a business has made the investment in video the customer does take notice.

Restaurants with a video menu have a better chance of drawing the customer.

Service providers with a video of their services.

The consumers research behavior can be influenced at any point of the buyer journey.

Do you want to learn more about influencing consumers or start producing your own video drip sequence?

Social Media Marketing Videos

We have a video library that we can create video with your branding. Videos that would normally cost up to $5,000 to produce, we can provide at a fraction of the cost.

Social Media Marketing Video Services

You can have world-class stunning videos for a fraction of the cost paid by big brands using Madison Avenue advertising agencies. 

Social Media Marketing Videos

Boutique videos are highly successful in the fashion industry. We can prepare videos in hours or several days depending on our workload.

Best Social Media Marketing Services

Your passion for fashion can be on display with stunning videos by a world class digital video producer.

Social Media Marketing Videos

Local business services can have stunning videos that exceed the customers expectations. A customer remembers 80% of what they see.

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