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Cheap vs.

Which ad looks more expensive?

Why Ads Work?

How potential customers choose which product or service?

Choosing Video

How to choose the best video marketing?

Income Potential

The enormous potential of exclusive video to increase profitability.

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Which Ad Looks Exclusive?

Answer a simple question.

Which ad looks more expensive to you?

Well, two famous scientific papers in advertising – Advertising As Information by Philip Nelson and by Is Advertising Rational by John Kay – explain how signaling works in advertising.

Philip Nelson explains:
“The fact that a product is heavily advertised – regardless of its message – is evidence to the consumer that the quality of the product is high.”

It turns out that customers make purchases based on how much or exclusive the advertising APPEARS to cost. 

Do businesses practice exclusive signaling?
The answer, unfortunately, is no.

Instead, businesses care most about how “cheap they can buy” video marketing.

If exclusive video signals quality, then cheap video signals the opposite.

Exclusive Video  Marketing Sells

 Why Exclusive Video Marketing Works?

Exclusive Video Marketing For Your Business Makes Your Customers Sit Up And Pay Attention

Exclusive videos work because of the customers intuition.

  • CUSTOMERS  - judge products or services based on how exclusive the video looks.
  • CUSTOMERS - intuitively judge the product or service based on how much the video appears to cost.
  • CUSTOMERS - can tell the difference between expensive and cheap advertising. 

Do You Want Creative Video Marketing Content That Stand Out Like A Roaring Lion?

How To Choose The Best Video?

Best Video Checklist

  • Only use the most exclusive digital marketing video.
  • Stay consumer-focused: buy media that re-assures your customer.
  • Use video that contains people and sound that makes an emotional connection with the customer.
  • It’s so crucial to tailor your advertising efforts to your target demographic.

The Most Lucrative Investment For Business

83% of businesses say that video provides them with a good return on investment.


Video marketing brings awareness and engagement of your business.

Customers develop trust by seeing your videos on a consistent basis.


64% of consumers say they’re more likely to buy a product after watching a video about it.

Boost Sales

83% of businesses say that video provides them with a good return on investment.

If you knew a surefire way to get more customers to your store would you take action?

#1 On 

53X times more likely show up first on Google if you have a video embedded on your website.

 You’ll be coasting all the way to #1 of Google’s first page.

Join the innovative business owners who have exclusive video ads working for their business. 

Be The Center Of Attention

To get the kind of attention that is going to make your competitors throw in the towel, you need to combine video content with professional, top-spec animations. You’re elevating your content to a whole new level.
You’re going to get more attention than a
N.Y. Broadway opening.

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