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If video creation tools work then how come brands don't rely on them?

Shattering The Illusion Of Marketing

Discover the myths that are sabotaging your business marketing strategy.
Did you see the rabbit or the duck?

1.8 Million Words In 1 Minute!!!

If a picture is worth a 1,000 words then a video could be worth a 1,000 sales

Forrester research revealed that a minute-long video is actually worth 1.8 million words. 

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How To Have Social Media Video Work For You?

Social media video creates the connection between your business and the customer. The most important social media video reaches your customer.
Let's make the connection...


Social media video launched this business when the GOOGLE alogorithm change took affect in March, 2018. Our client received a substantial index boost and this article shows the impact of combining YouTube, Google+, and Facebook.

What Can Video Do For You?

Video has the power to convert potential customers and bring awareness to your services. YouTube is the fastest growing social media outlet. Statistics on video marketing show that video on any social media is the most lucrative investment a business can make.

How different is social media ?

Social media video is changing the design methods on a huge scale. Social media is about "ME". How does your media and website relate to "ME" on an emotional level? 

How To Build A Simply Amazing Online Presence?

Building an amazing online presence really isn't that hard. It takes a passion for what your are doing.

Learn about the foundation for building your online presence. 


Fast load times are essential in today's mobile society. The internet is viewed by 80% of mobile devices.


Video marketing gets the attention of potential customers. Customer's who view a video are 80% more likely to purchase your product.


The ability to have a framework tailored for smartphones is a HUGE advantage.

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