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 Drive Traffic With Video

Most Important Video For Business

Simply Amazing Creative Video Marketing Drives Traffic

Who is building your YouTube Video Marketing Channel?

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Most Important Video For Business

Social media and web page videos increases the time a visitor stays on your page giving more time for your brand message to sink in.

A YouTube channel is a MUST HAVE not a nice to have. You build a reusable library of video marketing.

A SEO KEYWORD tagged video based on VOICE SEARCH INTENT is in growing demand. 

Accelerated Marketing

Marketers tell use they would make more videos if they had the time. Video marketing will account for 80% of all internet traffic by 2019. You can have a creative resource to meet the ever increasing demand for video. 


LinkedIn is the space for B2B marketing video but corporations use videos in many ways: events, announcements and stakeholder meetings. Start you next meeting with several amazing videos. Make video a part of your effective presentation.

Open your next sales and marketing presentation with an opening video that gives an overview of what will be covered in your sales deck. A POWERFUL way to start and finish.

Let's not forget about YouTube, business are creating their OWN channel. This necessitates that keyword planning is essential for channel success.


Video marketing is NO surprise because it is as OLD as the first T.V. The expectation levels continue to rise and shows no end. 

How will your business keep up with the RISING EXPECTATION LEVELS? The use of special effects in the movie industry and computer savy customers has created an appetite for creative marketing video.

Customers have become tired of the SELL and look more to be entertained.

Branded creative entertaining video fills the void in video marketing.

WOW Factor - people are looking for the WOW, astonishment and amazing created by video.

Video Content Creation Services

Marketers tell use they would make more videos if they had the time. Video marketing will account for 80% of all internet traffic by 2019. You can have a creative resource to meet the ever increasing demand for  video.     


Fashion and video goes hand-in-hand. Instagram is proving to be the HOT SPOT for those selling to women. Customers are more likely to buy a product online after watching a video about it.


Video landing pages are the most lucrative investment a business can make.
Video content promotes brand recall.
Video marketing can boost your site’s SEO.
Landing pages with video lead to 800% more conversion. 

Why does a business need a video agency?

Q: With all of the video content creating tools on the market, why would        a business need a video agency?

A: I used to buy fishing lures that hardly ever worked. One day a wise           fisherman said "Didn't you know? Fishing lures are designed to catch       the fisherman NOT THE FISH. Video content tools are designed to             catch YOU not YOUR CUSTOMER.

Q: Smartphone technology let's me create my own video.

A: Everybody at a wedding has a smartphone but the PROFESSIONAL           always gets THE SHOT.

Cost Effective Centralized Services

At one time, all companies had their own payroll department then ADP consolidated the payroll functions. The cost of producing video in quantity is time consuming and high quality production is costly.


We love creating custom videos for the food industry.  Since we don't have SMELL-A-VISON the branding for food video is HIGHLY important.

Did you ever notice most food videos contain RED and WHITE? 


Tailoring your video to your customers perferences makes or breaks a video.

The ethnic diversity must be taken into account when creating a video.


Videos created for your customer base gets more engagement and awareness. 


Videos are an EXCELLENT way to get awareness. 

How much do you think that video cost? A highlighted picture on a business skyscraper.

That particular campaign BOOSTED the candidates Facebook followers from 200 to 2,000.


Awareness videos are the cost of doing business. You don't really see the immediate impact.

Video marketing strategy  plays a key role in how to run a social media campaign .

A new product or service benefits greatly from an effective awareness campaign outperforms radio and mail marketing COMBINED.

Awareness Video Campaign

Current statistics have shattered some long held beliefs.
Analytics has proved that the marketing funnel is a MYTH.


A video agency can create and build your YouTube Channel. 
Develop a targeted demographics and social media marketing strategy.
Share video marketing tips and the digital video producer can help local business video marketing.

Value Added Services

  • BRANDING - We perform and/or review your current branding.y it now!
  • DEMOGRAPHICS - We research current demographics and plan a digital video marketing strategy.Try it now!
  • YouTube Channel - We build YOUR channel including SEO KEYWORD TARGETING and ad copy the description for effective search engine results.Try it now!

Secrets Of Social Media Marketing

Many business skip this very important step in developing their brand. Many mistakes and failures can be traced to this most important step.

Digital Video Producer Of Creative Marketing Videos