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Why You Need Landing Page Videos?

The powerful results of a video landing page.

  • Google 1st Page - A video can be on the coveted 1st page when it is search engine optimized.
  • FREE Youtube Ad & Channel - YouTube's ads channel allows you to post 4 second ads on popular video channels for FREE.When your FREE ad is clicked you can direct a potential buyer to your full ad that directs them to you website.
  • Boost Page Rank - You can increase a customers time on your website and boost your page rank. 

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Neil Patel Answers Our Question

SERIO Design FX asked Neil Patel a question about videos on a website.

His answer will surprise you.

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Video Is The Most Lucrative Investment

83% of businesses say that video provides them with a good return on investment. you want to dominate your market?


What About The Cost?

You can get 100% of the quality/results
for 30% (or less) of the cost.

We leverage powerful exclusive technology to automate many of the more expensive or
time-intensive aspects of creating video content for a marketing purposes.

Why You Need A Video Landing Page?

Cost Effective

You could pay thousands of dollars to purchase video with unlimited commercial rights.You can have a video with unlimited commercial rights for significantly LESS!!!


It has been highly publized that a customer is 80% more likely to purchase after seeing a video.

Grab Attention

To get the kind of attention that is going to make your competitors throw in the towel, you need to combine video content with professional, top-spec animations. You’re elevating your content to a whole new level.
You’re going to get more attention than a
N.Y. Broadway opening.

Let's Make Your Videos Amazing!!!

Professionally created video gives your video marketing an exclusive edge that makes them AMAZING!!! 

You can have 100% of the benefits for 20-30% of the cost. 

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