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Exclusive video marketing tips for any business.

Here is what I`m going show you.

Be Seen

Your MOST important digital marketing video.

Deliver Customers

Your BEST videos to bring in customers.


NEW benefits that you may NOT know about.

Best Options

NEW exclusive options that have recently become affordable.

Your MOST Powerful

A customer needs to see your exclusive video up to 7x before they will consider your business.

What does your digital marketing video signal?

Customers determine the quality and exclusiveness of a product or service based on intuition. 

Does the your video look like all the others or does it have an exclusive look?

The Apple brand, largest in the world, based their marketing on presenting an exclusive high quality marketing signal. 

Using video to promote businesses is SUPER SMART

72% of top marketers claim content creation as their most effective SEO tactic, your content could be letting you down.  

Videos make up a large proportion of online content for promotion, being remarkably more impactful than still images.

You can get a piece of the action.

The world of content is no longer an arms race, it’s a battle for attention, engagement and brand equity.

You can have the most important videos. 

Marketing your business is an essential task for any business. The awareness video is the perfect starting point for letting people know about your business. An awareness video has the highest potential for getting your business in the minds of customers.

How video delivers customers?

Your engagement digital marketing video brings in the customers.

How Engaging Is Video?


It definitely has the ability to engage the customer emotionally.

That's why we go to the movies...EMOTIONS.

Let's use SERIO Design FX as an example..

How to engage your customers?

Your Exclusive Video Marketing

The video presents the information in a thought provoking way that evokes interest and attention. 

You can get exclusive videos.

Video is considerably more influential than just words. According to Forrester Research, one minute of video is equivalent to 1.8 million words.

Video Marketing Benefits

Let Video Deliver Results

Google Loves Google 

Google + YouTube = Video Marketing

You can leverage the COLOSSAL power of Google with YouTube.

You have a video marketing powerhouse.


Capitalize on the power of Google.

REUSABLE VIDEO MARKETING LIBRARY - monthly videos will help you build a video library that can be reused over and over.
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VIDEOS ARE 50% EASIER TO SHOW ON 1st PAGE - videos are keyword optimized for your business. Free Consultation!

YOUTUBE CHANNEL - building your own YouTube channel with powerful marketing videos and your videos pays dividends for years. Free Consultation!

Considerations For Video

Your customers definitely want quality and exclusiveness.

Your real cost of a video. Your time to create, schedule, monitor effectiveness and the potential loss of customers to your competition(HUGE).

Startup Video Options

 Your low cost option for under five hundred dollars.


LOW COST VIDEO TOOLS, there are numerous video tools that allow you to create a video.


Many startup businesses opted for this choice but so have many others. You will look like everybody else and you won't have the unique exclusive look that customers are expecting.

Your BEST EXCLUSIVE option for as little as five hundred dollars.


Exclusive video agencies, have rapidly leveraged limited availablity video assets and can pass cost savings to you.

They have brought services in-house and can provide services at much lower costs than in the past making it affordable for startup businesses.

You can get 100% of the quality/results for 30% (or less) of the cost.

They've figured out how to leverage powerful technology to automate many of the more expensive or time-intensive aspects of creating video content for a marketing purpose.

This allows you to deliver a quality level that is still way ahead of the pack. 
This is an excellent value they provide in helping you reach more customers than on your own.

Also, exclusive agencies have value-added services that will dramatically improve the efforts of your video marketing.

How to video market like Apple on a budget?


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